FAST to win a race

With length of 274 cm and hydrodynamic fish-like shape you’ll get the maximum speed possible. The smooth rounded bow rocker lifting up from the knees position will handle itself when going over curlers, boils and messy eddy-lines while you can stay focused on your line. The displacement rocker finely transtitions under the seat into a planning hull going all the way to the stern.

STABLE to forgive mistakes

It’s no secret the HW is 69 cm wide, but that is only in those wings – when paddling upright in active position the width is not in the water! But when you get to a bubbly mess, that’s when the wings get’s it’s role play. They supply extra secondary stability, that will hold you through and provide a solid platform for performing pivot turns or stern squirts.

EASY to turn

The slicey stern is unique, inspired in canoe slalom shapes but has been adjusted so you can push your level even in WW. It still allows to play arround and do stern squirts all day long but when you go harder it’s not gonna put you down. The main characteriscs is the accelaration when performing the upstream gate exit.